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Because we are actually on the journey of our life, in it, surrounded by it, in all its glorious messiness, surprises, feelings, emotions, experiences, ‘stuff’ – the biggest challenge we have is to be in it – all of that – and at the same time be aware of it all on a deep and wise level:

Life doesn’t happen ‘to’ us, no matter how much it seems like that is true; life happens by us, with us, and through us…and that is the only truth…

…so we really try to dismiss that truth:

Your life can’t be meditated away, drugged away, distracted away, philosophied away, religioned away, ignored away, or any other kind of mental activity you turn to while trying to bridge that big gap you have in your heart, mind, and soul….

As a student of life – and you know you are a student because you have a life – the studies are so far removed from what we think of as ‘education’ – trash that notion! Your studies are as intricate and varied and enticing and exciting and rewarding as you allow them to be.

And you are the only one who can experience them, and you are the only one who can allow – or disallow – any of it.

Which do you choose?